6 Tips for improved home office functionality and productivity during Covid-19 isolation.

As we continue to step into an uncertain future as the world grasps with the threat of Covid-19, we at EASII Home are asking that our customers to stay at home as much as possible to help flatten the curve. Nothing is more important than the health of our community and we hope this will all be over soon. We understand everyones frustration right now in not being able to go outside, interact with friends and colleagues, and just not feeling as productive as usual. With the vast majority of us working from home, we've traded large offices and conference rooms to once-an-after-thought-dens and kitchen islands to conduct our daily work. It's hard to feel like we're not all on our own islands during this (and not some sunny paradise siping Mai Thais out of a twisty straw).

We know it can be hard to stay productive and motivated during these times, so we've come up with 6 simples tips to help improve or maintain your functionality and productivity during these wild times. We've implemented these tips into our home offices and have already seen a massive boost in productivity. We hope you enjoy them.

Get All Your Office Tools Right Away

That means getting a printer, desk (if you can fit one), suitable lighting, a good quality web camera, suitable conferencing software, and whatever else you may need. Be proactive in setting up your office. If you are expected to do something, and don't have a tool that you need to complete it when you should have, it could be potential trouble for you. We recommend thinking of every situation you've been in at the office and then thinking:"if this occurred at home, would I have everything I need to solve that problem". Now this is all within a reasonable limit of course. If you're a engineer with a 3-D printer at the office, we're not saying you better go get a 3-D printer for at home (I mean they are pretty cool and reasonably priced now for some base home models but I digress). If you however expected to produce graphic designs and then scan them for transfer online, you'll want to make sure your printer also comes with a scanner.

Distance Yourself From Distractions

While working in front of the TV at your coffee table may work for those final touch ups on a assignment after dinner, starting your day in front of a TV is not a good idea. Or any other distraction for that matter. Whether it be a TV or Spouse, you should give yourself some space to get what needs to be done, done. We recommend using a den, spare bedroom, corner of your living room, or even your outside balcony/patio as great locations to create your own personal work space.


Nothing is going to kill you when your on a roll more than having to look for that document. You know, the one Dave sent over and now you've been looking for thirty minutes trying to find it because you left it somewhere else in your house. You need to create storage in one location of your house for just your work documents, files, projects, or what ever other physical work related material you may have and need at some point. This can be in the form of a desk with storage built-in, filing cabinets, or even a few shelves you build/have built; as long as its all in one place.

Get Outside

You can do this while working by simply bringing your laptop outside on your patio/balcony (if you have one available) for a few hours. If you're not able to do so, just be sure to have a few small breaks outside scattered throughout your day. We are human and we need to get our daily dose of vitamin-D. It will improve your mood, you'll feel more energized, and it's great for your mental health. No one wants to be stuck inside all day, and you don't want your home which is now your office as well, to feel like a prison.

Network Network Network

We cant stress this one enough. Some of our best ideas have come in coffee shops while speaking to a barista or out at a bar having a drink with a friend. The human mind needs other human minds to be creative, to bounce ideas off, and to be inspired by. While you can't go out to your local watering hole, you can still engage with friends, family, and peers through the power of social media. Furthermore, you can also join groups, threads, and discussions online with strangers who may have creative input on your latest project.

Set a Schedule

If you don't hold your self accountable to a set schedule, you will slowly begin to see your productivity fade as you find yourself enjoying the comforts of your home a bit more everyday. "Maybe I'll watch one more episode of Tiger King before I wrap up this script". Errrrr. Wrong! Get yourself a way to set a schedule whether in digital or physical form and write/type down a strict set of working hours. Put this schedule right on the dashboard of your computer, or as your backdrop to your home office. Routine and constancy is the key to success. Never forget that.

We at EASII Home have found these tips to be very helpful in maintaining our productivity at home, and we hope it helps you as well! If you have any other questions about your home set up, or how to optimize it whether it be your home office or home theatre, give us a call at 289-216-4663 or Chat Now 24/7 on our website at

We are hear to make your life EASII, in good times and in bad. It's what we do.

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