The Smart Home Revolution: The Birth Of A New Level of Efficiency

After another long day in the office as a marketing consultant, Brian heads home to his apartment. He can't wait to get home because during his work day he received a notification through his Google Nest App that there was a visitor at his door. Through the App, he is able to recall footage of who was at the door. To his delight, it was an amazon driver delivering his new irobot Romba which he ordered after realizing him and his wife spend far too much time vacuuming up after their two dogs and young boy Devin, who at 4 years old; has a penchant for making a mess.

As he pulls into the driveway, he thinks about the large proposal he has due on friday for a major client and how little he slept last night. Between Devin waking up him and his wife Brisa at 4am because of the bad nightmare he had, and his wife stealing all the blankets (Again); he only got 4 hours and 27 minutes of sleep. He learned this when he checked his fitbit in the morning while enjoying his coffee. He also learned that 72% of his sleep was spent in a light light sleep cycle, 16% of his sleep was spent in REM, and the remaining 12% was spent in a deep sleep cycle. Brain debates if he has enough time to cook dinner tonight, or if he should simply order in.

As he walks up his front porch stairs, his phone speaks with his Yale door lock and automatically unlocks his door. Once inside, he says “Alexa I’m home” and his Amazon Echo Plus communicates with his Philips hue lights. Brain is bathed in a soft yellow glow which starts from the front hallway all the way to the dining room and kitchen. Once in the kitchen, he remembers that new Indian restaurant he and his wife have been dying to try, and figures this would be the best night to do so, which would save him time to focus on his proposal. As he places an order on his favourite delivery service, Brain realizes that he needs to check what his family's water usage has been since he noticed a steady increase in their water bill. After quickly checking his Flo App which is directly connected to his Flo Smart Water Value, he’s happy to learn that they’re on track to be under their monthly usage from last month.

After a delicious dinner which arrived just before his wife, Brain excuses himself to his office to work on the proposal. After quickly telling Alexa to play his Hip-Hop playlist (He finds that the lyricism helps him to be more creative in his writing), he sets off in his work. Brisa and Devin have a blast setting up and playing with their new Romba. Their dogs aren't so sure about it. Brain finishes late at night, again. As he lets out an exuberant yawn, he makes his way to the bathroom. In the bathroom, he brushes his teeth exactly two minutes due to his electronic toothbrushes automatic shut off, before hopping into bed with his wife.

After having Alexa dim the lights so that he and Brisa can read together before bed, Brisa mentions that she's too hot after all that Indian food. “Alexa, set temperature to 22 degrees. Alexa communicates this with the family's Ecobee smart thermostat and lowers the temperature. “Much better” Brisa remarks. As they finish their reading for the evening, they kiss, talk about what groceries needed to be grabbed tomorrow, and say their goodnights. Brain tells Alexa to add these groceries to a list, and then asks Alexa what his schedule is. Reminded that he has an early meeting with a member on his proposal team, Brain asks Alexa to set their alarm at 6:30 as opposed to their usual 7 so that he can get his documents in order. He changes his wake up routine on his Philips Hue app to adjust for the early wake up time. As he lays in bed hoping to pass out early, Brain thinks about how little REM sleep he got last night. Hoping for a better sleep tonight, he and Brisa eventually knock out, where they will be awakened precisely at 6:30 to a buzzing alarm, and a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

Now, this may seem like a complete fairy tale of a day (hell 40 years ago this was the stuff of science fiction) but in our digital society this is becoming the new norm. A never ending supply of information being broadcast and received through our devices, processed to better serve mankind to be our most efficient. While smart home devices and smart devices in general aren’t exactly robot butlers, they’re getting pretty close. With an upfront investment in smart technology, you are able to save yourself time, money, and energy. Plus it’s really friggin cool to be able to tell a microwave how long you want your popcorn microwaved for (it’s the simple things that count right). Furthermore, we have elevated our lives with Smart Watches, Smart Glasses, and even self tying Nike shoes. Self. Tying. Shoes. I don’t know about you, but for someone like me who always finds his shoes untying, that sounds like one more annoying problem I don’t need to worry about. All of this technology, and I haven’t even mentioned the big mother of all smart devices, your smart phone. This is the hub that connects all of these devices (for the most part). This is the all knowing Brain of our digitally integrated reality that we find ourselves in. This Brain talks with our Brain, and we are able to gain all of this information, and then use it to manipulate the physical world around us. To manipulate mechanical devices with our minds. Almost like a cyborg. No seriously think about it. We are augmenting ourselves with smart technology to increase our access to information, to increase our speed of interaction with mechanical devices, and to increase our speed in general. Smart technology has given birth to a new level of human efficiency that allows us to be more productive, which in turn allows us in turn to enjoy the smaller moments in life. Enjoy them more comfortably.

EASII Home is dedicated to making your life EASII, it's what we do. As the smart home revolution continues, you will find us consistently educating all of our service technicians on the newest technology to better serve you and your family, and to better integrate all of your devices to make your home environment seamless. If you want to have your smart home devices installed and connected to their full capacity, you need to have a company that is up to date with all the newest technology. At EASII Home we’re not just up to date, we’re obsessed with it. We live and breathe it. To learn more about how an EASII Home service technician can help you fully unlock the potential of your smart home dreams, visit our new smart home service page. From there we can discuss how EASII Home can transform your space into a fully integrated fairytale home. You need it done? EASII does it.

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